Spider Grip Technology

Spider Grips feature durable variable density elastomers, specially shaped boundary layers with isolated secondary layers, energy dispersing flanges, and a multi-faceted geometric surface area…huh?

Don’t worry, here is all you need to know:
Ride with Spider Grips and you’ll feel less vibration, which in turn means less fatigue. You can give up the death grip hold, so you won’t get arm pump and you’ll be able to ride longer.

The science behind Spider Grips
Spider Grips M1 off road-1250x1000
Peak 3c-500x420

Two different experiences

Some riders want maximum vibration damping. Some riders want the thinnest, most responsive grip possible.

It’s OK, we’ve got your back. You can choose between a thicker or a thinner Spider Grip model for your Sport Bike, Dirt Bike or ATV.

For Sport, Touring or Street riding: Spider Peak Grip or Spider SLR Grip

For Dirt, Super Moto or Desert riding: Spider M1 or Spider SLX

For ATV, Snow Machines or Watercraft: Spider A3 or SLT

Motorsport Grip Design isn’t really Rocket Science.
It’s more like Applied Physics.

Acoustics to be even more specific.

Which is the generation, transmission and reception of energy in the form of vibrating waves in matter.
Your entire motorcycle generates vibration; the motor, the wheels, the suspension, etc. This vibration travels in waves and your motorcycle handle bars are an ideal place for these waves to migrate towards. The waves travel from the motor and frame into your hands and arms and dissipate there. 
This is one of the reasons for muscle fatigue or arm pump and why we design our grips to reflect and dampen waves of vibration. Each Spider Grip model features a design with multiple elements engineered to help control vibration.
We start with top of the line materials. Our grips are made from polymers in two different densities, each selected for their specific strengths. First up is a very unique Vibration Damping Core  – The innermost layer of material is firm and has increased durability to reduce the problem of grip twist. The outer layer is made from Traction Gel –  a specialized polymer which adds tackiness for better holding power, in a formula which also sheds mud and water. We designed this second layer to be isolated from the first layer which helps to minimize vibration that may pass through from the first layer. The contact surface of the secondary layers are designed in multi-faceted shapes much like the inside of your cupped hand. These shapes reduce vibration while ensuring a surface that is easy to hold on to even with bare hands. 
But we didn’t stop with just those elements. Spider engineers developed a unique shaped boundary layer between the primary and secondary layers to reflect and dampen waves of vibration away from the rider’s hand. This revolutionary Acoustical Rebound Technology (ART) core design is used in all Spider Grips.
Since most Motorsport grips also have flanges, we even created a specific shape to the flange edge which works to disperse energy and reduce vibration back from the outer end.

Spider Grips feature technology throughout their entire design – that’s why we say ‘Feel the Technology’.

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The Spider Peak Grip is designed for Performance Road & Sport touring riders. Our goal was to design a performance grip that is more than just a replacement for stock OE grips. The Peak Grip’s outer layer sheds water, increases gripping power and reduces fatigue for greater comfort over the long haul. The tapered shape is slim at the inside for maximum performance and thicker at the outside end where a harmonic damper reduces vibration and numbness for relaxed long distance riding.

The Spider Peak was conceived, designed, tested and championship proven by our Spider Grips Ducati Race Team.


M1 Motard

Spider M1 grips for Off-Road, Dual-Sport and Super Moto riding. Acoustically engineered to rebound and absorb more vibration than any other off road grip on the market. The M1Grip’s outer layer sheds water, increases gripping power and reduces fatigue for greater comfort over the long haul. Featuring a harmonic damper which reduces vibration and numbness for relaxed long distance riding.


Spider SLR – Thin and supple, this dual layer grip is perfect for Sport, Road and Moto riders. Gel layers dampen vibration and provide great traction. A narrow flange and open end make the SLR easy to mount even with bar ends or hand guards. These grips are available in 10 colors. Black, Pink, Green, Black w/Graphite, Blue, Titanium, Yellow, Graphite, Orange and Red.


The Spider SLT Grip provides dual layer technology with a vibration damping inner core for riders using Thumb Throttles. The SLT’s outer gel layer provides a super tacky surface that is easy to hang on to, a small flange that protects your hand, and a closed end to keep out water, snow and mud. These grips are available in 9 colors; Pink, Green, Graphite, Blue, Titanium, Yellow, Black, Orange, and Red


Spider SLX Grips – a Super Slim vibration damping grips with dual layer technology that is unbeatable for Off-Road, Desert and Super Moto riding. Made from special compounds which are tacky so you can hang on with less effort and fatigue. Designed to be tough enough for the dirt with a full flange and an armored end cap. Available in nine colors: Titanium, Graphite, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Black, Pink and Green.


Spider Grips flangeless A3’s deep pattern sheds water and mud, and the dual layer design dampens out vibration for riders using thumb throttles. The closed end keeps water and mud out. Available in Black, Gray, Red, Blue, and Yellow

What color will you choose?


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