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Well, once again the Spider Grips Ducati Race Team loaded up very early in the morning, and headed up Pikes Peak for a practice session. Today we were based out of Devil’s Playground.  The full moon was just beginning to set as we drove into the bowl that forms the pit area here.

I’ve been told that the name is because the lightening strikes this area during mountain storms.  It is another beautiful location to ride motorcycles.

Motorcycle Pit at Devils Playground – Pikes Peak Practice day 3

Today the riders go to the finish line. They start here in Devil’s, then transverse up to Bottomless Pit, and past Boulder Park. Again, it will be a combination of dirt and paved road.

From the pit area we can see them on the course as they run up – the dust blows in the wind – it is easy to distinguish the throaty sound of the Ducati Multistrada from the other motorcycles as they take their practice runs.

From Devil’s Playground to Bottomless Pit

It is another good, fast day. We don’t have timing yet, but both 55 and 555 are in a groove – running strong despite the elevation. They are starting here at 13,000 ft, and ending at 14,100 ft.

Alexander and Greg consult between runs

As usual with our team, the video and still cameras are close at hand. We hope to have some good footage to share with you soon.

Tonight we will be at Fan Fest – a great event held in downtown Colorado Springs. The city closes the streets and there are a bunch of fun things, like a fireman’s chili cook off, and of course, all the the top qualified vehicles from the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. If you’re in the area, please come by to meet the team and see these incredible bikes.

~ Becca

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