Spider Grips



Spider Grips in Action!

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Up extra early today – we were at the gate to the mountain before 3:00am, but that wasn’t early enough – there was quite a line to get in. Only competitors could enter before 4:00am, but even so, the line extended to the highway.

At first light, the vans are unloaded and the tents set up

The Team pits today are located in the super awesome Ducati Adventure tent. It’s a Bedouin style tent which amply houses the team bikes and the essential espresso machine.

The crowd has really swelled – there are more spectators here than I remember from years past. Right now the riders are off at the riders meeting, and the Ducati tent is full of  people drinking espressos, picking up posters and admiring the motorcycles.


The cars in the car pit area just behind us are beginning to warm their engines. There is a rumble in the air, and the excitement is really building. The motorcycles start after the cars, so we won’t run for a couple of hours but there is a huge sense of excitement under the tent.  ~Becca

The Calm Before the Storm!

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