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Spider Grips in Action!

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This morning we leave the Mecca at 3:20am. It is warm in town, but by the time we get up to Cove Creek it is about 44 degrees with a pretty chilly wind blowing.

Rider’s Meeting at Cove Creek

The rider’s meeting is at first light; it is quick and to the point. This is a fast section of the course. Riders keep alert and be safe.

We are getting good at setting up in the dark. The lights are on, tire warmers too. This time, in an effort to keep the windchill from cooling the tires, we also drape them with moving blankets. It actually works fairly well.

Both bikes ready for a run

The air horn sounds and Greg and Alexander cruise to the line. The course is all pavement today, and the Multistradas shine. Both riders are happy with their setups and crank up the speed.

Greg Tracy is looking fast

At the end of the practice session we hear the official word – the fastest bike on the mountain today? Bike 555.

There is a lot more to tell you, but it’s late and we roll at 3:20am again tomorrow. This time to Devil’s Playground. So good night for now, and more later.  ~Becca

Cove CreekCove Creek
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