Spider Grips

It’s all about the man/machine interface


Spider Grips in Action!

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It’s all about the man/machine interface

Motorcyclist Magazine April 2011

This is nice stuff. Check out the current issue of Motorcyclist Magazine – April 2011. The article “Doin Time” on pages 94-95 by Tim Carrithers has some nice things to say about Spider Grips.

In writing about his long term test ride Ducati Multistada Tim gives us a shout out. He says “They may not look like a big change, but CRG levers and Spider Slim Line SLR Grips add up to a major improvement at the Multistradas’ man/machine interface.”

He also says  “The Spider Grips transmit more front-end feedback and less vibration than the stockers, which is all I could ever ask for”. And “There’s nothing particularly wrong with Ducati’s grips and levers. But Spider’s SLR street grips and CRG Roll-a-click brake and clutch levers make the 160-mile round trip between home and the MC almost bearable.”

When we dropped a quick thank you to Tim his response was equally endearing. “I love `em. Wouldn’t go back to stock…ever.”

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