Spider Grips

Spider Grips in the Air


Spider Grips in Action!

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Spider Grips in the Air

Spider Riders Paul Smith and Cody Cavanough spent this past weekend at the Georgia Air Show.  Now I love an airshow as much as the next person, but they didn’t just go to check it out. Nope, Paul and Cody jumped over pilot Skip Stewart and his stunt plane in front of over 40,000 excited fans.

Paul Smith FMX East jumping over airplanes at Georgia Air Show 2011

As Paul says “My spring is off to a good start with a weekend of firsts ….
First time for me jumping in Columbus Georgia,
First time for me jumping at an airshow
and First time for me jumping a moving plane!”

Jumping over Pilot Skip Stewart at the Georgia Air Show 2011

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  • Chris On 24/3/2011 @ 09:34 AM

    Great stuff!!!




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