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All Roads Lead to Pikes Peak! Interstates 15 and 70


Spider Grips in Action!

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All Roads Lead to Pikes Peak! Interstates 15 and 70

The Team is on the way to Colorado for Race Week! The first road we took was the I 15 from Southern California to Nevada. In Las Vegas we made our usual stop at Dynojet. As always, we got a warm welcome there from Dusty, Chris and Chuck.

Spider Grips/Ducati Pikes Peak Team

While we were there we made some last changes to the motorcycles and put them on the dynos to check the tunes and make 100% sure that they are fully ready for race day. The results were good! All the motors are running smooth and fast and strong.


Spider Grips/Ducati Race Bikes at Dynojet

After a night in Sin City we returned to the road. The I 15 from Las Vegas north has some really beautiful scenery, and one of my favorite things about Utah – an 80 MPH speed limit! We had some fun caravanning thru the red rock country, trading the lead between the vans.

Utah Spped Limit - 80 MPH



The route junctions off the I 15 and onto the I 70 and we begin the climbs over mountain passes and down into the desert valleys. At one point we had to admonish Michael Larkin for breaking the rule about “all the gear, all the time” as he didn’t have his leathers on!

All the gear, all the time - where is your jacket!!!


Next stop – Colorado! And happily we get off the Interstates and onto to some really fun roads on our way to Pikes Peak! I will post some photos again for you tomorrow.

Spider Grips/Ducati Team Vans

Spider Grips/Ducati Team Vans

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