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It’s a Team Thing – The View From the Summit 2012


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It’s a Team Thing – The View From the Summit 2012

View from the top – Pikes Peak

Hard to believe it’s already been over a month since race day at Pikes Peak 2012. Time has been flying since then. The team has gone back to the things we do when we’re not at Pikes Peak, but I think I can speak for us all in saying that we miss the mountain!

Carlin was at the Indianapolis Moto GP in August; you might have seen him and the race bikes there. Last weekend Greg was on the Velocity network’s airing of the LeadFoot Festival, set in New Zealand where he rode a Multistrada and made it into the Fast 10!
And in case you missed it – Ducati has published a short video of the race this year! https://youtu.be/jjADMm47lE0

What it took for Carlin and Greg to make those sub 10 minute runs…..well, it is more than we can imagine. Those two men are Superheroes. Watching both of them this year from the team’s side was very impressive. The dedication and will power they brought to the race was almost beyond belief. These riders deserve every bit of acclaim and honor that comes to them. To Greg and Carlin – it was an honor to be on your team. Thank you for your strength and skill and above all, your hearts.

Carlin Dunne & Greg Tracy Pikes Peak 2012 Champions

The rest of the team – well, we’re at home and work. You might not know that the Spider Grips/Ducati race team is made up entirely of volunteers. We are a group of friends who share a passion for fun and speed. Over the years we’ve put together many race programs, not just at Pikes Peak, but also at the Baja 1000 (where both Greg and Carlin also have a race history) and at the Bonneville Salt Flats where many of the team members hold class A competition licenses (for speeds over 200mph).

Spider Grips/Ducati Pikes Peak Team 2012

I had put together a little photo gallery of the guys and gals who were a part of Pikes Peak 2012, but they are shy and so I won’t publish it here. But we do want to say a very heartfelt thank you to each of them. Especially with the race postponement it got complicated at times, but as a team we overcame any and all obstacles! These are the people behind the riders – not taking the same chances, but doing all they can to give Greg and Carlin a safe & fast ride to the top of the mountain.

It is with grateful hearts that we want to thank; Brent Davidson, the team’s Master Mechanic and a core of strength – as steady and reliable as a fine watch. Michael Larkin who went above and beyond the call of duty in too many ways to count; sorry buddy, but you’re now on call for every event we ever do! Returning all-star Chad Newman, Tire Master who also became an ace custom lever designer, while lovely Mandy Newman braved the dark & cold to provide really amazing photos of Greg and Carlin on the course. Paul Thede, who spent too much time in the hospital, Rod Falkner who pulled double, even triple duty, but was always right there when we needed him, Craig Watson, Terry Hulbert, Sonny Anderson – once again these people provided the hands that reached out to help. Also to Greg’s wonderful family, Terry, Lane and Gary, plus of course Pat, Erin, Stephanie and all the kids. This we say to each of you on the team – there are not enough ways to say Thank You – we are so grateful for your friendship and support.

We also need to say some special thank you’s to the people of Colorado Springs. In particular, to Liz and Gary at the Mecca Motel who do so much for us, this year even in smoke and flame; Tom Osborn and his staff at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Office – especially Megan and Lincoln; Don Riggle; Eric Peat, JC @ Apex, Sandy and Ken, Chris Flohr, Brian Anderson and Fred Veitch – thank you for welcoming us again with wide open arms.

Also to Jamie, Gabe and Ryan, Ken, Snazzy & Andy, Rick, Dave, Vickie and all the Photographers – many whom we didn’t actually meet – thank you for the awesome photos! There are so many moments that we missed, but you caught for us!

And lastly, we give a warm thank you to Jason, Dominique, Stefano, Arrick, Jeff, Ryan, Eric, Elliott, George, Austin, John, Jon, Robert, Danny…. and the entire staff of Ducati North America – you were all wonderful to work with – thank you for your enthusiasm, support and friendship!

Greg and Carlin celebrate Pikes Peak 2012

It is with full hearts that we look back on August 12, 2012. Each moment – from the hope of the dawn, through the joy of the day and into the peace of the night – will stay with us always.

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