Spider Grips

Practice Day 2 of 4


Spider Grips in Action!

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Practice Day 2 of 4


Photo by Mandy Newman

We are back at Glen Cove today. I suspect that the Pikes Peak Race Organization is using this location rather than Cove Creek which is on the schedule, because the electric motorcycles need the power sources here. There are no services at Cove Creek. So lucky us – we get a second day of testing at Glen Cove – although not to the summit – just to 16 Mile today.


Working in the Dark

It is the usual drill – early, dark and cold. But in another lucky break, today is warmer than yesterday and the wind is calm. Brent, Chad & Craig get the two #43 bikes unloaded like always. The two bikes have slightly different setups – this is testing after all, so Micky rides both today. They are, as Liz at the Mecca says, ‘sisters, not twins’.


#43 x 2

Micky rides first one, then the other. We test gearing, tire pressures, motor set up, suspension, all the usual suspects. The early morning settles into a nice routine. Micky comes in and consults with Rod about whatever is on his mind and lets Brent know if he wants the same motorcycle or not and what changes he might want to try. We fuel and check tire temps and pressures. The team continues with a smooth groove – it is a really beautiful day and a really nice way to spend it.



Then the Red Flag waves and the safety truck rolls with flashing lights. In the pit area we watch to see if the ambulance rolls too. Not this time. We breathe a small sigh of relief and shortly a slightly embarrassed rider returns to the pits, not too much the worse for the wear.  We had a couple of red flag delays today, but the good vibe is still in place and there were no injuries.


Red Flag Delay

Micky works the course – this is the last chance he will have to ride here at speed until race day. He picks a corner to work on and finds the best line, the braking point, the entry speed. Once he thinks he has gotten as fast as he can in that spot he will move to another.


Photo by Mandy Newman

Before we know it, the test session is over and the course is reopened to two way traffic. We load the bikes, and head downhill – our destination? Fuel for the team at our favorite Mexican place – La Casita!


Photo by Mandy Newman

Tomorrow will be fantastic – we’re at Devils Playground! Check back tomororw to see how it goes.


Photo by Mandy Newman












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