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Race Week – Saturday, Day 5


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Race Week – Saturday, Day 5

Pikes Peak Hill Climb is a Time Trial event for the rider. But for the crew it is an endurance event. Each day the crew (including the rider) is up early, on the mountain at altitude, and working hard. The days are  loooong. Generally up around 2:00am and working pretty much nonstop until 9:00pm at night. No naps and a ‘meal’ here is usually a sandwich that someone hands you which after a couple bites gets set down.


Looking at the week that has gone by so quickly, there are a couple things that we got to do that were super cool. One of them was on Thursday when the Spider Grips/Ducati Team, and Paul and I were a part of an event held at the El Pomar Carriage Museum. There was a ground breaking for a new museum which will be adjacent to the Carriage Museum and which will feature the history of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb from its beginning in 1916. We were proud to donate one of the first vehicles to the collection – the #5 Bike ridden by Spider Grips/Ducati team Rider Carlin Dunne last year. This was the first ever motorcycle to beat the 10 minute barrier and one of only five vehicles ever to finish the race in under 10 minutes.

Also in the same celebration, those five competitors (3 car drivers and Carlin Dunne & Greg Tracy on motorcycles) were presented with trophies celebrating their accomplishment and membership in the Pikes Peak “9 Minute Club”.

I had planned to tell you about the competition in our class, but the day is long and I am way past team bedtime so I will keep that really brief. Our Falkner/Livingston rider Micky Dymond is top qualifier in his class – the 1205 class. There is only one rider who has posted a faster time than Micky. It is Carlin Dunne, riding an Electric Bike in the Exhibition class. There is a 5 second gap in their qualifying times, so the race tomorrow – well, I am really excited to see it.

I would like to mention here too that Spider Grips/Ducati team rider from last year Greg Tracy is also back on the mountain, and in the electric class, but driving an electric car for Mitsubishi. And GT – well he also posted the fastest Qualifying time in his class. So we’re feeling mighty proud of our “boys”.

Tomorrow is the earliest yet. My alarm is already set for 1:45am. We will be up and ready to roll by 2:15 am. The race starts at 8:00 am sharp. The first class is 1205. The first rider off will be Falkner/Livingston Akrapovic rider Micky Dymond. Watch it and cheer us on.

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