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Race Day Report!


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Race Day Report!


Micky was the fastest motorcycle in our class at practice and qualified top position making him the very first competitor off the start line on race day. The course was dry but quite cold and the rain from the last couple of days made it pretty slick. Micky was very fast but about 4 miles into the race the front end washed out and he went down. He ran to the bike and started up the hill again. That cost him about 15 seconds. Further up the course at a very sharp turn he went down again. He and the bike ended up in a gravel washout. He got up and picked up the motorcycle. Even though the motorcycle was damaged he was able to get it going, although he did lose almost 2 minutes. 


In our class 4 of the 6 motorcycles went down. Two of those riders picked up their motorcycles and were able to continue.  Last year in the entire field of motorcycles there was only one rider who DNF (Did Not Finish) – this year there were 7 riders who DNF.


Although Micky did not win his class or set a new record time, he showed the true spirit of competition and the heart of a warrior. Micky was able to complete the run and reached the summit in 12:30.219 minutes which placed him 4th in class.


All in all, it was a really great race this year, and an amazing effort was put in by all the riders. Our team would like to congratulate rider Bruno Langlois who finished first with a time of 10:21.323 and also rider Wes Orloff who finished second with a time of 11:40.009. And we’d also like to say to them – see you next year!


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