Slim Line SLX for Off-Road, Sport, Dual Sport and Super Moto

Super Slim vibration damping grips with dual layer technology that is unbeatable for Off-Road, Dual Sport and Super Moto riding. Made from special compounds which are tacky so you can hang on with less effort and fatigue.

Spider SLX grips are designed with a Vibration Dampening Core. This acoustical Rebound Layer is engineered with your riding in mind. Spider's grip design has a specially shaped core with an innovative boundary layer. This gives you grip with less vibration at the hand which reduces hand fatigue and arm pump, and also lets you listen to feedback from the machine and tailor your response accordingly.
Spider SLX grips feature Traction Gel - a specifically formulated compound that sheds mud and water so that it stays tacky even when wet making it easier to hold on. This gives better control and less rider fatigue. Just like a competition tire, Traction Gel breaks in and continues to offer top performance throughout the life of the grip.
Designed to be tough enough for the dirt with a full flange and an armored end cap.
Available in 9 colors. Red, Orange, Black, Yellow, Titanium, Blue, Graphite, Green and Pink. Retail: $16.95 USD
SLX Applications: Off-Road, Dual Sport, SuperMoto
SLX Off-Road grip for 7/8 handlebar with 1 inch Throttle Tube: 120mm x 29.0mm Outside Diameter

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